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Total of 4. Topping our list of the best electric guitars is also the model that tops the list of the best expensive guitars — the incredible John Petrucci Majesty Monarchy from Ernie Ball Music Man. Among many other features, it sports an African mahogany body with a maple top, two insane DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy humbuckers, extensive controls, and a custom floating tremolo bridge. Even for the huge price tag, it offers good value! The sleek body features a satin-finished dark blue paintjob on the top which nicely contrasts the unpainted solid African mahogany on the back.

The five-piece neck is fantastic, with a slim Super Wizard HD profile, Macassar ebony fretboard and 24 jumbo frets all contributing towards a super-fast playing experience. The electronics come courtesy of Fishman, in the form of two Fluence Modern Humbuckers with switchable voicings allowing for both aggressive active tones and more fluid humbucker sounds. As we focus on in the full review of the Les Paul Standard , this gorgeous high-end instrument features the traditional LP design with an ultra-modern weight relief, playability-enhancing asymmetrical neck, and new locking tuners on the headstock.

But the electronics throw up the most interesting additions on this Nashville-made model. This high-end model features the legendary striped Frankenstrat design in red, white and black, along with a low-profile maple neck with a hand-rubbed satin finish and comfortable compound radius — which we elaborate on in the main EVH review. And this genuine American Strat is an absolute beauty, as we explain in our full review.

Although you pay a premium, the hardware, electrics and craftsmanship are superb. With the classic double-cutaway shape that spurred hundreds of copies, this guitar features a solid alder body, a bolt-on maple neck, and 22 jumbo frets. It offers sensational sound quality, with three Texas Special single-coil pickups providing clarity, power, versatility and the classic Strat sparkle. Retro players rejoice! As we mention in the full review of the Yamaha RevStar RS , this affordable model is a real treat for vintage enthusiasts, as it offers both cool retro looks and a vintage tone to match.

This classic tone is mainly down to the pair of specially-wound VH3 humbuckers, while the Dry Switch offers the addition of hum-free single-coil tone for huge versatility in this guitar. It sports a simple design, killer playability and a big, versatile sound. This is largely due to the trio of Seymour Duncan pickups, including a searing hot Full Shred SHB at the bridge and an overwound Custom Flat Strat single-coil in the middle, providing everything from beefy metal tones to sparkly Strat-style sounds.

As featured in the full breakdown of this impressive Pro-Mod DK24 , the solid alder body comes in a choice of two cool finishes, both with a silky-smooth two-piece caramelized maple neck. A great choice for the keen stage performer. A real hall-of-famer from Ibanez, which displays true rock style and lightning-fast playability in an affordable beginner-friendly package. With the classic Superstrat body in a range of colors, this RG is made of solid basswood and features a slick, thin Wizard III maple neck, with rosewood fretboard and 24 jumbo frets, making it superb for chugging powerchords and fast soloing.

Its loaded with a trio of Ibanez Quantum pickups — two passive humbuckers at the bridge and neck, with a single-coil in the middle, giving a huge rock tone, with bags of versatility. It also sports a good Edge-Zero II bridge and locking nut for increased tuning stability. Make sure to check out our full review of the RGDX for all the details. Featuring a well-contoured double-cutaway shape, the V has a solid alder body, a comfortable bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and 22 frets.

It offers plenty in the sound department, with three Yamaha-designed Alnico V pickups, comprising a humbucker and two single-coils. We discuss this guitar in more detail in our full review. Electronics are simple but solid, with the classic setup of three single-coil pickups, two tone knobs and a master volume control. It all combines to offer a guitar that plays well and sounds good for everything from jazz to classic rock. The Modern Player Telecaster from Fender truly lives up to its name, offering modern upgrades that make for a great guitar for beginners as well as experienced guitarists.

The design is still very much rooted in the s, with a classic Tele body made of pine, the iconic headstock, and a C-shaped maple neck. Comfort and playability are top notch, as is the craftsmanship. Here you find a versatile setup featuring a Telecaster single-coil at the neck, a Stratocaster single-coil in the middle, and a humbucker at the bridge, allowing you to play everything from country to modern rock. This affordable model really oozes vintage appeal, with a classic retro design, neoclassical thumbnail inlays, and pearloid pickguard.

The fixed Adjusto-Matic bridge is great for beginners as it helps keep tuning stable. Check out the full review of the Gretsch G for all the details. Squier has hit the nail on the head here by taking the fantastic beginner-friendly playability of the Jazzmaster and removing the complicated electronics, to deliver a simple, fun to play and affordable guitar.

The bolt-on maple neck is great, with a scale length of It features a sleek, curvy S Series body made from solid mahogany and flamed maple, all with a striking Blue Space Burst finish. The hardware screams metal too, especially in the electronics department. It features the timeless Telecaster body, made of solid pine with a C-shaped maple neck and a fret maple fretboard. With several retro color choices, it looks the part and certainly plays very well. Hardware is also commendable, while it is loaded with two custom vintage-style single-coil Tele pickups, which do the job of producing a distinctly vintage tone with all the Tele twang you could ask for at this price!

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This edgy guitar sports the same legendary arrow design and blade headstock of higher-end Rhoads models, with a body made from basswood. With killer looks and playability, the JS32 also sports two Jackson-designed high-output ceramic humbuckers in the bridge and neck position. As mentioned in the full JS32 review , even though these are pretty basic, the tone is anything but, with great power for heavier styles of music, while the double-locking tremolo bridge is another fine addition.

One of these is the low-profile Wizard III neck, which is always a joy to play and often seen on RGs in much higher price categories. The body is well built too, sporting the comfortable double-cutaway RG shape made from solid basswood. This guitar is fitted with a pair of Ibanez-designed high-output Quantum humbuckers, which cope very well with blues, rock and modern metal. Check out the full review of the Ibanez RG for all the details. Be sure to read our full opinion on this Strat.

In brief, it delivers style, comfort and great playability. All in all, a versatile Strat that feels a real step above the entry level models. This is undoubtedly one of the top budget electric guitars out there! As we highlight in the full review of the C-1 SGR , this gorgeous guitar features a sleek gothic-inspired design, with a double-cutaway body made of solid basswood and a slender fret maple neck.

For such a cheap guitar, the attractive decoration is very surprising, while the electronics and hardware are also decent at this price range — there are two SGR humbuckers, a set of sealed tuners, and a fixed tune-o-matic bridge. After a bit of a setup, this budget axe plays like a dream — as we say in the main review of the Bullet Mustang.

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The , as we highlight in our full review , features a comfortable double-cutaway body, made from solid agathis, with a sturdy bolt-on maple neck, and rosewood fretboard with 22 frets. Two single-coil pickups and humbucker give the guitar its power, while a five-way pickup selector switch allows you to choose between them. A quality entry-level guitar with a name you can trust. While the original may not be for sale, this incredibly detailed replica is.

With a very high-end price tag, this solid alder Strat is a masterpiece, with painstaking aging on the body, neck and hardware. The attention to detail on areas such as the tuning machines and dot inlays really hammer home how long Fender took to create this beauty. The full Rory Gallagher Signature Strat review has a more in-depth look at these details, as well as the quality electronics, superior playability and gorgeous bluesy tone.

Look at it this way: a professional artist could go out and buy three mid-range guitars capable of producing every sound imaginable — or they could just buy the Godin LGXT 3-Voice Solid Body, whichis essentially three guitars rolled into one. While we go into more detail in the full review of this high-end performer , it comes loaded with two Seymour Duncan custom humbuckers, a bridge transducer pickup and output for a synth — allowing for electric and acoustic guitar tones, with fast guitar synth tracking.

This versatile guitar looks unique and feels lovely to play, with a fret mahogany neck and an attractive body made of two maple varieties. Whatever output you choose, the LGXT 3-Voice delivers a very high-quality sound with endless tonal scope. Michael Angelo Batio is an absolute metal legend for his blistering melodic solos that earn him the title of the fastest electric guitarist in the world. Check out the full MAB1 review for all the details! A true masterpiece in the hollow body guitar market , teeming with style and tone, from acoustic kings Godin.

The 5th Avenue Kingpin II — which we review in full here — combines real 50s style, with modern features that give this unique guitar its playability. It has a single-cutaway Canadian wild cherry body with a molded arched top and back, finished with a lovely satin 19th century-style French polish.

The neck is made from silver leaf maple, and features a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets. The resonant sound comes from two Godin Kingpin P90 single-coil pickups, which offer a superior array of tones, with clarity and versatility. It offers a swish vintage look, with a single-cutaway five-ply maple body and two F holes. The guitar also features a timeless Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece. A flawless fit for jazz, blues, country, and even soft rock. Make sure to check out the full review of the GT here.

When it comes to hollow body guitars, there are few better looking than the Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe, which truly is dressed to kill. This includes a duo of Hagstrom HJ covered humbuckers at the bridge and neck, some excellent tuners with an ratio and a chrome tune-o-matic bridge with Hagstrom Tremar Vibrato tailpiece. You can read more about this awesome mid-range model in our full review.

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Interested in upping the string count to seven? This model is loaded with a powerful USA SuperCharger Mach-7 humbucker, along with the innovative Sustainiac at the neck, which offers infinite sustain — seriously! Controls are ample and hardware is reliable, giving this model a true sense of premium.

The top, back and sides of this archtop guitar are made from laminated maple with some authentic vintage detailing, such as the unbound f-holes, floating tortoiseshell pickguard, rosewood bridge, and appropriate pearloid block fretboard inlays. As always, be sure to read more on the Gretsch G for all the details.

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  5. Not many players can find their way around a Strat as well as Slowhand, which is probably why we love his high-end Fender signature model so much. These include a solid alder body and a fret maple neck with a soft V shape. The hardware is equally impressive as it features three Fender Vintage Noiseless single-coils in the traditional Strat positioning, as well as a range of advanced tone controls including a Treble Bass Expander and active mid-boost control. It all adds up to a simple but beautiful guitar with huge playability, tone and versatility — as we mention in the full review of the Eric Clapton Stratocaster.

    The deepest, darkest, heaviest of metal for that matter! The EC-Black Metal sports simple but aggressive looks, with an all-black satin-finished body, no fretboard inlays, and a stealthy metal LTD logo on the headstock. As well as the killer menacing design, this axe has a satin-finished mahogany neck with a speedy thin-U profile and 24 extra jumbo frets for easy playing. As always, the full EC-Black Metal review ] has everything you need to know! Things change, and so too do our favorite guitars. Before you start looking around at different models, you should define your level, and what you are hoping to achieve with the guitar.

    Are you a beginner, just starting out? Or an intermediate player, looking for an upgrade to take you to the next level? Or maybe an enthusiastic collector on the hunt for your next prized possession. Every guitarist has a different story and, as such, demands a different guitar. When we review guitars we scrutinize everything from the quality of the materials used to construct the instrument, to the hardware and the sound.

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    We will also rate the looks and the style, even though this is generally a matter of personal taste. We rate the best acoustic guitars and the best bass guitar list in the same way. With every new model we add and review, we update the top 10 rankings. However if you have the big bucks, and are looking for something flashy, make sure check out this list of some of the best expensive axes.

    Instant envy in all your friends! When buying a guitar — whatever your level and budget — never forget that the amplifier you use is of equal importance. Make sure to check out our list of recommended top-rated guitar amps and reviews to get an idea on what may suit you.

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    And if you are ready to spend a little extra feel free to check out the recommended guitar pedals and effects article. A good question! However, it completely depends on your budget. For example, an amazing metal guitar with active pickups is not likely to be classed as a good guitar for a vintage jazz enthusiast. Reliability is one of these. There are many different parts to an electric guitar.

    What is a secondary dominant? How to improvise on it? Carisch Songbook with 16 tunes extracted from different Yannick Robert's albums, in music and tabs, some playing advices and a play-back CD.

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    Carisch Join, play in all styles, improvise If you are a beginner, after having read the first few pages devoted to the discovery and the tuning of the instrument, and the rudiments of music theory, you will have the choice between working this method in order, chapter by chapter, working simultaneously with the plectrum comping and fingers comping, or starting at the same time a style study with its pieces. If you are not quite a beginner, you can then begin the chapter of your choice to complement your knowledge, start a new style, or start improvising with the pentatonic scales and the first notions of harmony.

    This book contains 10 songs written in the style of 10 artists or groups among the most representatives of the style. Each song is preceded by an information sheet on which you will find not only a description of the piece and its structure, but also some lines of work, fingering, scales, or preparatory exercises to the piece itself. You have here all the elements that allow you to play these songs with your band.

    Kullock — ed. Carisch Melodies, chords, tabs, Play-Backs. Lemoine The ear is the main instrument of the musician, he should work on and continually improve. This book is designed specifically for guitar players, whatever their style.

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    Over of these exercises, teach your ear to hear, recognize and identify musical material. Finally, more than dictation of notes, this book focuses on harmony. Gradually, you will have to recognize thirds, tetrachords, intervals, double stops, "power chords", triads, 3 and 4 notes arpeggios, four notes chords, embellished, altered, and finally, harmonic progressions, sometimes using the Directory Pop songs, Rock or Jazz.

    Lemoine In this booklet, Yannick Robert offers you to get used with the "Metheny phrasing", through various features of this musician. These licks are included on the CD accompanying this volume, as well as some playback which will help you to practice. Topics: The color slides - Plans rhythm - breaks fifths - The 'Chromethenysmes' - The double stops - links.

    ID Music Are you a fan of samba? Bossa nova? This method is for you! Method for guitarists wishing to tackle Latin music. The numerous chords, the different rhythmic figures A memo notation and a CD which will list each one of the exercises and pieces of this book Your turn! Play Music Publishing This book, designed to practice Jazz improvisation, comes with a CD, with many complete playbacks bass - guitar - drums , and allows the guitar player to practice soloing in an artistic way as if he was in a professional situation.

    The book presents examples of solos for each song and many tips for improvisation melodic tool A must for all soloists. See a video extract. Play Music Publishing This book, designed to practice Jazz comping in all its forms, comes with a CD, with many complete playbacks bass - guitar - drums , and allows the guitar player to practice Jazz standards comping, chords and rhythm progressions. The book presents all the informations necessary for proper interpretation and for customizing and creating rhythms on the proposed lines.

    A book for work but also, and foremost, for the pleasure of playing!

    Great Guitar Solos // A trip in the 80's Part 2 (1984-89)

    Play Music Publishing You will find in this book entirely dedicated to Jazz, licks, of different levels. The practice of those licks will be effective as well on your technic and on your ear, which will significantly enriches your playing and especially your ability to improvise, developing a true jazz vocabulary. These licks are designed to help you developing your own ideas. The CD will let you hear each phrase and thus to complete the performance. Carisch With this method, you will learn the basics of music theory and discover in a very progressive way how to play guitar.

    The numerous rhythm, reading and sightreading exercices will allow you to play and to recognize every song of this method. All styles of playing : arpeggios, Finger-Picking, swept comping, tremolo. Drums and rythm sections play-backs in different styles. Finger playing improvisings, arpeggios, triads, studying the binds, a lot of of technical exercises Join, play in all styles, improvise