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Bentham's Panopticon is the architectural figure of this composition. . is both a counter-city and the perfect society; it imposes an ideal functioning, . 2. The swarming of disciplinary mechanisms. While, on the one hand, the.

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No inspection by the state authorities, no test by the end of the year. The only standard test is the one sanctioning the end of high school. French farmer of Algerian ancestry, philosopher and writer.

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He stands up for a society which would be more respectful of the people and of the land ; he supports agroecology, farming methods which are respectful of the environment by preserving natural resources, especially in arid countries. Being a place of violence, illegal liquor trade and pollution, it became in time a model for representative democracy.

Since , Elango Rangaswamy is the chairman of the Panchayat, the basic unit of local administration in India. American essayist, specialist in forward thinking both economical and scientific. Founder and chairman of the Foundation on Economic Trends or FOET, Jeremy Rifkin is the main architect of the third industrial revolution, which he presented as a way to deal in the long term with the triple challenge of global economic crisis, energetic safety and climatic change.

Co-founder of the Negawatt Institute, Thierry Salomon is a tireless promoter of energy savings. The mottos of his fight : energy conservation and efficiency. For the engineer, confronted by the climatic urge and the depletion of natural resources, unlimited flows of energy like the sun or the wind should prevail over the stock energies like gas, oil or uranium.

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Olivier de Schutter served for six years as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food. During this period, he never ceased to warn the UN about an unfit agricultural model which starves million people on the planet and weakens about 2. Unabashed promoter of agroecology, a variety of agronomical techniques taking into consideration rural development, people's health or the upholding of family farms, Olivier de Schutter also denounces the power of farming and energy lobbies which are blocking any changes. Writer, founder of Navdanya. The Indian activist, Vanda Shiva, is a figure in the global solidarity movement and the ecology galaxy.

For more than thirty years now, she has dedicated herself to the fight for food sovereignty and for the preservation of the biodiversity in all its forms. She made herself known in France for having denounced the grip of biotechnologies — via GMO — on the fate of Indian farmers. As anyone can see, contemporary political life has reached an impasse.

Voters are fewer and fewer, political parties lose members and electoral choices are often whimsical. Because adding a bit of random in our representative institutions could only revitalise democracy. He is among the 40 fellows of the BALLE movement, those local entrepreneurs able to call many others in their wake. She shot four movies, two short films and two full-length feature films. Her second, Respire, adapted from the novel by Anne-Sophie Brasme was featured on october and presented at the Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes film festival She is currently preparing Plonger adapted from the novel by Christophe Ono-dit-bio.

After a very short carrier as an actor, Cyril became Project Manager for the Hommes de Paroles foundation.

He took part in organising the Israeli-Palestinian congress in Caux in , then the 1st and 2nd Imams and Rabis World Congress in Bruxelles and Sevilla in and In , with Pierre Rabhi and some friends, he founded the Colibris movement which he ran until July Up to this day, he is still its spokesman and a member of the board council. Meanwhile, he is co-founder of the Kaizen magazine and the Domaine du Possible series for Actes Sud a French publisher.

Joining those concrete and positive actions which are already working, they began to figure out what could be tomorrow's world… You will find below some of the characters and contributors met by the DEMAIN team during its journey in 10 countries. The characters. Professor of international human rights law. Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest: Subscribe.

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Social media is revolutionizing how scientists interact with the public. Researchers are the new influencer. US lawmakers tell Facebook to halt the launch of its Libra cryptocurrency. Amazon plans to build its tallest skyscraper in Bellevue, WA. Forget the ID Buzz, I want this. Researchers create eye-tracking glasses that auto-focus where you look.


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