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Bentham's Panopticon is the architectural figure of this composition. . is both a counter-city and the perfect society; it imposes an ideal functioning, . 2. The swarming of disciplinary mechanisms. While, on the one hand, the.

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So what would have prompted another letter to the same group so soon after the first? From the contents of the letter, it appears that Peter had received reports of false teachers in and among the churches in Asia Minor. The apostle warned them about the insidious presence of those who spread heresies among the people 2 Peter , marking such difficulties as a sign of the last days Peter wanted to encourage his people to stand firm and to instruct them on how best to do that.

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In an effort to stem the tide of heresy and false teaching among the Christians, Peter emphasized the importance of learning and clinging to the proper knowledge of God. In fact, this concept was so important to him that the word knowledge appears—in one form or another—some fifteen times in the span of this short, three-chapter letter. When false teachers begin to whisper their sweet words into the ears of immature Christians, the body of Christ begins to break apart, to lose what makes it distinctive in the first place—faith in the unique person and work of Jesus Christ.

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Peter repeatedly points to the Word of God as the primary means of growth for the Christian , 19—21; —2, 14— Those trials seem to hit us even harder when the source of the struggles comes from somewhere or someone close to us. Exhortations to Particular Classes, Conclusion end. For Study and Discussion. From this passage list what is said of spiritual inheritors and their inheritance.

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Second Peter. The Occasion. The occasion of the epistle is found in the harm being done to the church by false teachers, who were of two classes, the libertines and the mockers about whom he warns. Its purpose was to exhort them to Christian growth and to warn them against false teachers. Comparison with First Peter.

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  8. It has no reference to Christ's death, suffering, resurrection and ascension. Glance through 1 Peter again to see how often these are mentioned. The spirit manifested is one of anxiety, severity, and denunciation, white in 1 Peter it is one of mildness, sweetness and fatherly dignity. It connects the second coming of Christ with the punishment of the wicked, while 1 Peter connects it with the glorification of the saints. Its key-note is knowledge, while that of 1 Peter is hope.

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    Some Teachings. Throughout the apostle's life, three things were consistent in his relationship with the Lord: a.

    His love for Christ. I John b. His humility and repentance after his short comings. Matthew c. Jesus' forgiveness and patience. John 5. These are the essential elements of the heart God can use. How appropriate that God would use a matured, rock-solid Peter whose past best qualified him to encourage wavering Christians. The similarities between II Peter and Jude. Already noted is the strong similarity between II Peter and Jude How do we account for this similarity? This could be a colossal coincidence, but it's not likely.

    They could have both borrowed from another source, but there is no manuscript evidence of that theory. One writer may have borrowed from the other's work.

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    This is the most plausible and likely explanation. Apparently, II Peter was written before Jude. II Peter warns of false teachers who will come. II Peter b. Jude indicates false teachers have come. Jude 4 c. In all likelihood, Jude's reference to apostolic warning about such Jude is a reference to Peter's second letter. It is probable that Jude's encounter with Peter's second letter prompted the change of focus in his epistle. Jude C. Suffering as a Christian. I Peter 1.

    Every human being faces trials and suffering. Matthew ; James 2. Sometimes being a Christian brings a unique set of troubles. Matthew ; II Timothy 3. Why does God allow suffering? For maturity. I Peter ; b. For dependence on the Lord. I Peter ; II Corinthians c.

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    To help us long for Heaven. I Peter ; James 1. Outline of the Bible. Have A Question?