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For this reason, coats are suitable for all times of the day and are super-resistant to the cold weather. Technical fabrics which are padded with noble materials such as cashmere shearling and leather and are enriched with multicolored fur detail make them suitable for a more versatile look. Thanks to the constance, accuracy and passion of the businessman, the designers and the staff, Artico become an important realty in handmade production of leather, shearling, cashmere and furs wears.

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Pavilion and booth PAV. In the past, this town was important as a religious center: it is recorded that a priest was appointed even by the bishop of Nicosia, in Cyprus, that was a dependence of the Republic of Venice, at the time. The territory was divided in two large parts inclusive of many other lands which nowadays belong to nearby municipalities, such as Dolo , Stra , Vigonza.

Due to the short distance from Padua, Fiesso d'Artico was involved in many wars as a result of the struggle for the succession of several lordships in that city.

Trattoria da Primo Fiesso d'Artico

Under the rule of the Republic of Venice, beautiful villas were built by the noble and rich Venetian merchants for their summer holidays and many of them still exist. Fiesso d'Artico was connected with Venice by a boat called the "Burchiello" through navigable river ways directly up to the Grand Canal.

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The citizens of Fiesso took an active role in the struggles for the independence of Veneto from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as those for the liberation of Italy from Nazi-fascism during World War II. Fiesso d'Artico is still now one of the most charming views of the Riviera del Brenta, an area known throughout the world for its beauty and richness of art.

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A high percentage of citizens of Fiesso d'Artico, in fact, is engaged in this production sector which is very known abroad. This sector has grown very much, taking the characteristics of quality and style appreciated internationally. Today there are about shoe-manufacturing units of which are involved in the proper construction of shoes, while the remaining ones are engaged in activities somehow related to the footwear industry.

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Fiesso d'Artico is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comune in Veneto, Italy. Coat of arms.

Location of Fiesso d'Artico.