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Bentham's Panopticon is the architectural figure of this composition. . is both a counter-city and the perfect society; it imposes an ideal functioning, . 2. The swarming of disciplinary mechanisms. While, on the one hand, the.

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In the resulting battle between the two, Mockingbird allows the Phantom Rider to fall to his death. Their relationship becomes frayed as Mockingbird leaves the West Coast Avengers and separates from Hawkeye. Hawkeye is challenged to a duel to the death by his former mentor Trick Shot. Hawkeye reluctantly accepts the challenge and wins. Trick Shot reveals that he is dying of cancer and wants to die honorably in battle. Hawkeye, instead of granting his former mentor's wish, promises to fund his medical care.

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Along with Mockingbird, the two archers defeat an army of supervillains looking to lay claim to the bounty. The pair soon reconcile.

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The West Coast Avengers are then caught in the middle of a supernatural battle between Mephisto and Satannish. The team are able to defeat the two demons and force them back to their own realms. However, Mephisto retaliates by firing energy blasts at the escaping West Coast Avengers. Mockingbird sacrifices herself to save Hawkeye and dies in her husband's arms. He is soon forced to battle the Secret Empire. He manages to defeat Viper , the leader of the Secret Empire, and her hired supervillains, Javelynn and his old mentor Trick Shot.

Hawkeye returns to the Avengers [50] just prior to the battle with the entity Onslaught , in which the Avengers including Hawkeye are apparently killed. Hawkeye's hearing was fully restored because, when Franklin Richards recreated the heroes in the new universe, he based them on how he remembered them. Hawkeye remains with the Avengers for numerous adventures. They defeat the demonic Mephisto , but Hawkeye is unable to find his wife. The Thunderbolts' past crimes are erased on the condition that they retire from costumed heroics. The team reluctantly agrees.

Convinced that they are ready to be heroes in their own right, Hawkeye hands leadership of the Thunderbolts to Citizen V whose mind was actually under the control of Baron Zemo and leaves the team. Hawkeye joins the Avengers once more, and begins a brief romantic relationship with team member the Wasp. The Avengers, surprised by the appearance of the spacecraft, spring into battle.

During the battle, Hawkeye's quiver of arrows is set on fire. Knowing that the explosive arrows were going to blow faster than he could remove them, Hawkeye flies into the engines of the Kree warship, destroying the spacecraft and sacrificing himself to save his teammates. She-Hulk tries unsuccessfully to warn Hawkeye as to his future. When the Scarlet Witch inadvertently alters reality , Hawkeye is resurrected with no memory of previous events.

Hawkeye shoots Wanda in the back with an arrow. In retaliation, one of her recreated children wipes Hawkeye from existence, killing him once more. When the Scarlet Witch's reality is eventually undone, Hawkeye is still presumed dead. However, the recently formed New Avengers find his bow and arrows on the site of the old Avengers Mansion, pinning up an article about his death.

Unknown to the New Avengers, Hawkeye is resurrected once reality was restored. He seeks out Doctor Strange who offers Hawkeye shelter while he comes to terms with his new life. Against the advice of Dr. Strange, Hawkeye eventually travels to Wundagore Mountain and finds the Scarlet Witch living a normal life with no memory of her past and apparently without mutant abilities.

The two become intimate and Hawkeye then leaves Wanda to her normal life. He confronts Tony Stark , who then offers Hawkeye the Captain America shield and costume to continue the legacy. Hawkeye is later inspired by the words of Kate Bishop , whom he met while hiding his identity, and rejects Stark's offer.

Hawkeye returns to see Dr. Strange and meets the New Avengers. The team invites Hawkeye to join the team. Hawkeye accepts, and accompanies the team on a mission to Japan to rescue Echo. However, leaving behind his Hawkeye identity, Clint Barton takes on the disguise of Ronin. Impressed with Kate's skill with a bow, and the fact she reminds him of himself at her age, Clint blesses Kate to continue using the Hawkeye codename. Emerging from the crashed ship was a selection of heroes claiming to have been abducted, one of which was Mockingbird. Clint believes that she is the real Mockingbird until Mister Fantastic 's invention proves that the heroes from the Skrull ship were all imposters.

Later, after the war for Earth was won, Clint is reunited with the real Mockingbird, who was revealed to have been held captive by the Skrulls for years. Clint attempts to help Mockingbird as she tries to adapt to life back on Earth. Despite their years apart, Clint and Mockingbird battle with comfort and understanding. They manage to defeat A. At the conclusion of the Skrull war, S. The supervillain assassin Bullseye joins the team and takes on the Hawkeye mantle. Clint unmasked himself on network television and publicly denounces Osborn's regime. Clint attempts to storm Avengers Tower single-handedly to achieve his goal.

He defeats the Dark Avengers, but is captured and arrested when, after failing to kill Osborn, he is attacked from behind by Ares. He was later freed by his teammates, and apologized for his actions. After the events of Siege, Steve Rogers puts together a new team of Avengers. Clint joins the team and returns to his Hawkeye identity [85] although he encourages Kate Bishop to keep the Hawkeye identity as well. Hawkeye aids Mockingbird and her anti-terrorist organization, the World Counter-terrorism Agency.

Together, they thwart Crossfire 's illegal arms operation, and encounter Lincoln Slade's descendant, Jaime Slade, who later goes onto become the new Phantom Rider. This feud has its casualties with Mockingbird's mother being severely wounded [90] and the death of Hamilton Slade, [91] both at the hands of Crossfire. Hawkeye leaves the W. However, he quickly rejoins after being informed by Steve Rogers that a kill list of international spies includes Mockingbird. When the battle is won, he assures Mockingbird and Black Widow that he suffered no ill effects from the blow. While battling the Lethal Legion with the Avengers, Hawkeye's aim is shown to be faltering.

Their diagnosis is that Hawkeye is steadily losing his sight and will soon go blind. Iron Man provides Hawkeye with technology that should stall the blindness.

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Later, Trick Shot arrives at Avengers Tower on the brink of death. Trick Shot tells Hawkeye that he was forced to train another archer, one who was as good as Hawkeye, before dying in his arms. Hawkeye despite going blind from a previous injury with the third Ronin managed to best Trickshot in battle. Before teleporting away, Baron Zemo transferred Trickshot's criminal funds over to the "victor" Hawkeye, then taunted the hero for turning his brother against him.

In custody, Trickshot agreed to a bone marrow transplant to save his brother's sight, but only so he could battle Hawkeye again in the future. Hawkeye became a member of the New Avengers led by Sunspot at the request of S. However, during a conflict, Hawkeye is fired from S. During the Civil War II storyline, Hawkeye shoots Bruce Banner in the head with an arrow in light of Ulysses ' vision of a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the dead superheroes. During the Avengers-presided trial, Hawkeye stated that Bruce Banner approached him and asked for Hawkeye to kill him if he ever became Hulk again.

After Civil War II, Clint starts traveling the country and focuses his efforts towards helping the underprivileged with community based problems in an effort to redeem his actions from the event, beginning with the water supply in Santa Rosa. He eventually gains the aid of the Red Wolf of Earth to help him fight for those who cannot defend themselves. After Captain America leads Hydra's takeover of the United States as part of the " Secret Empire " storyline, Hawkeye is one of the leaders for the few free heroes left in the country others are either trapped outside Earth's atmosphere, trapped in New York behind a Darkforce shield, or working with Hydra.

Shortly after Natasha's supposed death, a number of her enemies have been killed off. Hawkeye and Winter Soldier start investigating the trail of bodies left behind to uncover the mysterious assassin and determine if Black Widow is still alive. When Winter Soldier and Hawkeye arrived at the Red Room, the Black Widow clone dropped her cover where she began to kill her superiors, liberate the recruits, and destroy all the clones and Epsilon Red. When the authorities arrived, Black Widow left the Red Room where she left a note for Hawkeye to stop following her and for Winter Soldier to join her in ending the Red Room.

Given their lack of funds, the newly formed team tried to get financers by starring in a reality show following their exploits. While Hawkeye has no superhuman powers with the exception of the period when using Pym particles to become Goliath , he is at the very peak of human conditioning. He is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman, having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman. This includes considerable strength, as an employee of Cross Technological Enterprises found out when he tried to use the superhero's pounds-force 1, newtons draw-weight bow and found that he could not draw back the string to launch an arrow.

Hawkeye has also been thoroughly trained by Captain America in tactics, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat. Hawkeye excels in the use of ranged weapons, especially the bow and arrow, and carries a quiver containing a number of customized "trick arrows". In his role as Ronin, Barton shows great proficiency with the katana and other melee weapons. He has gained a reputation for being able to "turn any object into a weapon", and has been seen using items such as tin plates, coins, sticks and other debris to great effect against his enemies.

Hawkeye is also known to use a "Sky-Cycle" as his mode of transportation. The Sky-Cycle is modelled after a commercial snowmobile and is fitted with anti-gravitational technology. It is voice-operated and has an auto-pilot steering system. The fourth volume of Hawkeye has received favorable reviews for its focus on what Hawkeye does when he's not an Avenger, playing up his status as the " everyman " on the team.

Praising the series in an article titled, "How did Hawkeye become Marvel's best comic? Club wrote, "Spider-Man has long been considered Marvel's superhero everyman, but Hawkeye has stolen that title with this series. One of the series' most well received issues was the "Pizza Dog" issue No. Wired Magazine said of the issue, "The conceit is a high-concept, high-wire act for a comic to carry off, but Fraction and Aja stick the landing with a poise and grace that deserves full marks It manages to be both a functional murder mystery loaded with noir sensibilities — from the bloody paw prints that blot across the cover to a rooftop gun scuffle with neighborhood thugs — and a book that is as entertaining as it is experimental and worth reading a time or ten.

In , the mother of 4-year-old Anthony Smith contacted Marvel because her son would not wear his hearing aid, as superheroes do not have to. Marvel responded with a custom comic book of the superhero Blue Ear for Anthony, and also pointed out that for years Hawkeye was deaf and used hearing aids. Hawkeye's solo appearances have been collected in a number of trade paperbacks :.

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Avengers Endgame spoilers: Is THIS character's return MORE than meets the eye?

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So, when Thor partners up with Rocket Raccoon, it just so happens that the superintelligent trash panda has a spare eye in stock. What started as an amusing one-liner in Guardians of the Galaxy seems to have turned into an alarming obsession, but at least it turned out to be most convenient for the God of Thunder. This one is my personal favorite, and it occurs in the scenes shot in Edinburgh, which happens to be my hometown. Also, how cool is it to watch your city being attacked by CGI aliens?

People from New York must get that literally every time they go to the cinema.

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Scotland, you see, has an unfortunate reputation for deep-frying things which are not supposed to be deep-fried: Mars bars, ice cream, pies, pizza, and of course, kababs. I once ate a bread roll containing a deep-fried pizza as filling, and I can still taste it when I burp. I must say, I was very proud to see the repulsive eating habits of my people referenced in the biggest blockbuster of the year, and the fact that it ruined an emotionally intense scene made it all the better.

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