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Back in the late s and s, the blonde bombshell image so often seen on the movie screen and on television was considered by many to be the "ideal" version of the American woman. At least in the fantasy world of Hollywood, to be golden-haired and busty was to be desirable: the woman that every man lusted for, and the woman that other women aspired to be like. The eternally iconic sex goddess Marilyn Monroe comes to mind, as does Jayne Mansfield, who reportedly possessed an 1Q of in addition to her oft-repeated measurements of And of course, there's Mamie van Doren, still sexy at 85, who has named herself "The First Authentic Sex Kitten In Cyberspace" and who has embraced social media with as much gusto as the high school girls at the mall.

Lansing was an actress and singer known for her platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and voluptuous figure. She appeared in movies, on TV and on the stage. While Joi may not be a household name in , it's very likely that even today's generation has seen this striking actress on the small screen, particularly with America's renewed interest in all things nostalgic.

She often played, unsurprisingly, the sexy woman who makes an impression just by walking into a room. More importantly, in addition to her beauty, by all accounts she was also a smart, kind person with a strong work ethic. In , the year old Lansing made a big impression on a year old aspiring actress named Alexis Hunter who went by "Nancy Hunter" at the time , another blonde beauty who had been "Miss Charter Oak ".

The admiration was apparently mutual. The sex symbol and the fresh-faced starlet became fast friends and then dedicated lovers. Lansing was married at the time to her agent Stan Todd, but the marriage was, at that point, a platonic partnership. Alexis and Joi's relationship would become a secret commitment that would last three years, until Lansing's untimely death from breast cancer in Because of the views of same-sex love at the time, the two women had to keep their intimate partnership very, shall we say To ward off any suspicion, Hunter even assumed the role of Joi's little sister, and her new public persona was "Rachel Lansing".

Fast forward to , and the two women's secret love is not a secret anymore. The vigorous detailed book chronicles the final years of the sex symbol's life, when the actress was struggling with both substance abuse as well as the cancer which invaded her body. However, Hunter's personal memoir doesn't just dwell on the dark aspects of Lansing's last years. Rather, it focuses on the joys of being with someone who is your true soulmate, and the love story transcends any labels of "gay", "straight", etc. In addition to endless passages chronicling their time together, the book is also peppered with anecdotes about "old Hollywood", which cinemaphiles and devotees to pop culture will surely appreciate.

Today, year-old Hunter lives in Palm Springs and is devoted to her painting, poetry, and beloved dogs. She is also determined to keep the memory of Joi Lansing alive via her book. Alexis and I spoke about the book, her life with Joi, and her artwork: Hello Alexis! Congratulations on the new book, Alexis! Thanks so much Jed!

The most difficult thing was having to relive all of the feelings that we shared -- many of which, as you know by reading the book, were intense. So, it's been over 40 years since you first met Joi. What made the "right" year to publish your book? My parents had passed away, and that eliminated a major issue for me. Sadly, like most parents of that generation, they would not have approved of our relationship. My mother was always worried what the neighbors and her community would think. I remember one time when I was in the hospital with a concussion caused by my horse, and my gay male roommate helped me to the bathroom when I was wearing a hospital gown.

She found out about it and was horrified!

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy

She started screaming at me and had to be removed by the nursing staff. What would the neighbors think?! I'll have to leave town, she said. I told her he was gay, and that made it even worse. I thought she was going to have a coronary! How did you make it through those times? Collection of Joi's rare cuts and classics with a bit of a harder edge.

Pride and Joi by Gay G Gunn

Includes mixes from some of the best in the world. The record is a great add to any collection for globe trotters who like to hit the clubs late into the am hours, or start early in the afternoon. Joi is a certified US platinum artist and was named one of the top greatest club play artists of all time 43 in Billboard Magazine.

Currently 3 of her tunes have 1million plus plays on Spotify. More from curly gurly. Francisco Puente curly gurly. Jet Lag Alex Pala curly gurly. The Art of Being Joi Cardwell curly gurly.

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Lucky Charm Joi Cardwell curly gurly. The Messengers feat. Lisa Millett Purple Music. I Wonder Incl. Tribe EP, Vol. Son Of The Stars inc.

More by Joi Cardwell

Addicted Allovers feat. Calvin Lynch King Street Sounds. In July , she released the single "You Got to Pray". In November , she released a two-disc compilation Clubland's Greatest Hits which features a few club mixes of her earlier singles on Eightball Records. In April , Cardwell self-produced and released the lead single "Last Chance for Love" of her forthcoming album. The song peaked at number 17 on the Dance Club chart.

In September , Cardwell released a compilation album More , which featured unreleased songs and new remixes. The album's lead single "Freedom" spent thirteen weeks on the Dance Club Play chart before peaking at number 7. The second single "It's Over" peaked at number 4 on the chart. On April 7, , she released her fifth album Wanderlust The Soundtrack.

In June , she released a maxi-single "All Night", which features the original version and various remixes of the song.

Pride and Joi

In May , she re-released her business book titled "Keep Your Eye on the Game and Not the Fame", [32] which was originally released in In March , Cardwell released a new version of her single titled "Trouble ". Cardwell's voice is a mezzo-soprano despite sometimes being classified as an alto. Cardwell's music is generally house , [43] but she also incorporates traditional jazz , funk , and blues into her songs. To perform them, Cardwell was coached progressively by Kubota.

Bestselling Series

She has received co-writing credits for most of the songs recorded with Lil Louis and her solo efforts. Her songs were personally driven by dance themed compositions like "Run to You" and "You Got to Pray". Cardwell believes that, "Lyrics have to be meaningful and memorable enough that people will insist on keeping the vocals on the tracks.

As an accomplished pianist, Cardwell incorporates piano into a majority of her songs and often writes about love. In , Cardwell announced her plans to open a wellness center. She later earned certifications in yoga , meditation , and as a holistic health coach.

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