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When you have him attacked and he can no longer escape, it's called "checkmate," and you win! At the beginning of the game the chessboard is laid out so that each player has the white or light color square in the bottom right-hand side. The chess pieces are then arranged the same way each time. The second row or rank is filled with pawns. The rooks go in the corners, then the knights next to them, followed by the bishops, and finally the queen, who always goes on her own matching color white queen on white, black queen on black , and the king on the remaining square.

The player with the white pieces always moves first, so it's only fair to take turns playing white and black. On each turn you get to move one of your pieces except for one special move. Then it's your opponent's turn. And back and forth, you take turns until one of the kings is cornered Each of the 6 different kinds of pieces has its own shape for moving. Most pieces cannot move through other pieces-- only the knight can jump over anyone who gets in his way!

Also no piece can ever move onto a square with one of their own pieces. However, they can be moved to take the place of an opponent's piece: that's how you capture the enemies! The king is the most important piece, since losing him means the end of the game. But he is also one of the weakest.

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So very often he needs his friends to protect him. The king can move one square in any direction - up, down, to the sides, and diagonally. The king may never move himself onto a square where he could be captured no losing on purpose. If your opponent ever moves their king onto a square where you can take it, don't grab the king and laugh "hahahaha, I win!

Then your opponent can put the king back where it was, and choose a different move. When another piece threatens to capture the king, it is called 'check. There are only three ways a king can get out of check: move out of the way, block the check with another piece, or capture the piece threatening the king. If a king cannot escape checkmate then the game is over. Customarily the king is not captured or removed from the board, the game is simply declared over.

The queen is the most powerful piece. Like the king, she can move in any one straight direction - forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally - but unlike him, she's very speedy. In fact, she can move as far as you like as long as she does not move through any other pieces. And, like with all pieces, if the queen captures an opponent's piece, that's the square she stops on.

Click through the diagram below to see how the queens move. Notice how the white queen captures the black queen and then the black king is forced to move. The rook moves much like the queen: as far as it wants along straight lines, but only forward, backward, and to the sides not diagonally. The bishop is the "other half" of the queen. It moves as far as it wants, but only diagonally. You start with one bishop on a light square and one bishop on a dark square, and you will notice, only moving on diagonals, each one is stuck on the color it starts on.

Bishops work well together because each covers the squares the other one can't. Knights move in a very different way from the other pieces - going two squares in one direction, and then one more move at a 90 degree angle, just like the shape of an "L". Knights are also the only pieces that can move over other pieces. People often say knights "hop" because of that special ability. Check out these knight hops:. Half of your starting team is pawns, so it's very important to understand how to use these little guys, even though they are not very strong.

Pawns are unusual because they move in one way, but capture in a different way.


When they move, they just go forward, but when they capture they go diagonally. Pawns can only move forward one square at a time, except for their very first move where they can move forward two squares or one. Pawns can only capture one square diagonally in front of them. They can never move or capture backwards. Because they move and capture differently, the pawn is the only piece that can get blocked by enemy pieces: if there is another piece directly in front of a pawn he cannot move past or capture that piece.

Now pawns may be small and weak, moving slowly and having trouble fighting against the faster guys on the board. But pawns still have big dreams!

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They want to be the hero who rules the chessboard and brings you victory. And pawns have one more special ability that can help make their dreams come true. If a pawn reaches the other side of the board it can become any other chess piece called promotion , except a pawn or king.

That is NOT true. Only pawns may be promoted; no other piece can do this! The last rule about pawns is called "en passant", which is French, meaning "in passing. This special move must be done on the very next move after the first pawn has moved past, otherwise the option to capture it is no longer available.

Click through the example below to better understand this odd, but important rule. One other special rule is called castling, the only time you can move two pieces in one move. The idea behind this rule was to retain restrictions imposed by slow movement, while at the same time speeding up the game. The choice is not limited to previously captured pieces. Thanks for visiting our chess rules section. We offer online chess lessons given live by our experienced chess coaches to help you to learn to play chess. You would love your classes in our chess community.

Online chess learning is the new buzz word amongst the chess lovers with numerous web sites dedicated solely to the game. Here, we bring for you the precise reasons why IchessU shines as one of the most premium site and has been preferred by thousand of chess learners as their online chess mentor. Affordability We are committed towards the game and strive to help others who want to be a part of the chess community.

Besides bringing chess lesson within the reach of all we ensure that you are offered incredible value for the price. If you are new to the site, we would ask you to take a trial chess lesson which would help our chess coaches to evaluate your game and suggest the best program to enhance your skills. Mentor For us, a chess coach goes much beyond teaching chess strategies and game plan.

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Besides fine tuning the skills, the mentor keeps the learner focused on the target to achieve an edge over competitors. We have well experienced coaches for kids as well as for adults. From novice to chess masters, we have programs for all levels. Our online chess school takes pride in creating several national champions and grand masters. Our chess lessons are customized as per your age, skills, time availability and personal preference.

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By ascertaining a coach suitable for your level, we ensure that you do not end up paying the fees for the online chess lessons and coach suitable for a level much higher than yours. Interactive online chess lessons with audio and video We employ state of the art software technology designed to help player with chess strategy and skills at all levels. Our high tech virtual class room would truly transport you to the class shared with other learners and a coach. You can play chess online and interact with your opponent.

Reach higher levels Whether you want to fine tune your skills in general or want to refine specific game plan for chess openings or ending, our programs will accommodate both. As a member of our site, you can express your views on the blogs, follow recent chess events coverage, participate in forums and take part in various related activities.

Being a member of IchessU, you can join our online virtual classroom which would astound you with their true to life experience. You can see your classmates, hear them and also interact with them.

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Your online coach would be watching your moves and will share his views like the real life settings. This virtual experience would enrich your skills much beyond the prowess of simple online chess classes. You can also test your skills at online chess games and watch your opponent battling you. IchessU goes much beyond a simple online chess club. We all are brought together for the passion of the game which besides the joy of playing enriches your life in several ways.