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Bentham's Panopticon is the architectural figure of this composition. . is both a counter-city and the perfect society; it imposes an ideal functioning, . 2. The swarming of disciplinary mechanisms. While, on the one hand, the.

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Object Technology continues to influence and impact the web in a number of areas: Scripting Client side scripting has been an interesting area of research and experimentation since the early days of the web , but now it being deployed, and information providers need interoperable support. But its design presents a performance limitation in many situations. A number of mechanisms for interfacing applications to web servers, from C-callable APIs to network protocols to distributed objects gateways have sprung up to fill the need.

Check out Jigsaw and its servlet support.

Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (HINDI)

These parts are hidden under the hood. A driver controls the car using a steering wheel, the gas and brake pedals, and many buttons and switches on the dashboard. If you are driving a car and want to make it go faster, you press its gas pedal with your foot. The specific car you drive is one of many cars of a particular model that were made by a car factory according to a specific design or blueprint.

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The blueprint of the car may contain a set of engineering drawings and documents that specify the details of building the car. Specifically, the blueprint will include the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, etc. The gas pedal hides from the driver, or the user of the car, the complex mechanisms that actually make the car go faster, the brake pedal hides the mechanisms that slow the car, and the steering wheel hides the mechanisms that turn the car.

Object Technology for Ambient Intelligence and Pervasive Computing

This enables people with little or no knowledge of how engines, braking and steering mechanisms work to drive a car easily and safely. In computer software, an object is used to keep and modify information. It is also made according to a blueprint and used by a user which is typically another program. In the following, we explain a set of object-oriented programming concepts by drawing analogy to a car. In Java, a class is a blueprint of a set of objects.

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It describes how the object is made of and what tasks the object is able to perform. The performing of a task by a Java object is by a method. The method contains a sequence of Java statements that actually perform the task. A method hides these statements from its user, just as the gas pedal of a car hides from the driver the mechanisms of making the car go faster. In Java, a class is a programming module containing the methods that perform the class's tasks. Thus, the class is similar in concept to a car's design, which specifies the "methods" to accelerate, steer, brake, and so on.

Just as a factory has to construct a car from its blueprint before you can actually drive a car, a Java program must ask the Java compiler to construct an object of a class before it can make method calls to the object.

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This is called the instantiation of an object, and hence an object is referred to as an instance of its class. Technically, the instantiation of a Java object will allocate memory for the object to hold information and identify code sections that implement the methods.

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Just as a car's blueprint can be reused many times to build many cars, a Java class can be reused many times to build many objects. Advertisement Hide. European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming. Conference paper.

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